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FlexABM® is a proven enterprise-wide Activity-Based Costing and Management (ABC/M) solution that identifies the true cost of all activities and provides decision-makers with the analytical tools, models, and methodologies to effectively evaluate business processes.

FlexABM provides intuitive costing of activities and processes, and is ideally suited to any sized enterprise or industry segment - large or small, financial or non-financial, private or public sector. By utilizing a familiar “drag and drop” tree structure, grouping and tagging, and roll up functionality, data modeling is uncomplicated, yet extremely advanced.

FlexABM offers:

  • Unlimited modeling elements
  • Group and tag activities with multiple roll-ups
  • Multi-level activity assignments and cost objects
  • Automatic attributions and activity driver weighting
  • Detailed models that accurately express expenditures and use of resources across an organization
  • Models that incorporate revenue and profitability
  • Multi-dimensional reporting with any combination of products, customers, or other dimensions
  • What-if Scenarios

FlexABM is a complete ABC/M solution with:

  • full reciprocal costing
  • advanced data modeling, and
  • dynamic reporting



    "FlexABM has enabled us to effectively manage and value the large number of  transactions we generate as well as provide accurate project costs and profitability analysis." 

    G. Andrew Hoggarth, VP Corporate and Financial Services
    Peterborough Utilities Services Inc.

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