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Trend Miner: Gain Insight Into Microsoft Dynamics CRM


See your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Like Never Before

Are you getting the most from your CRM data? Are your CRM users able to easily extract and analyze trends and changes over time? Introducing Trend Miner, an out of the box BI visualization tool for Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM. It enables users to gain insight into historical CRM information and visualize data trends. Trend Miner extends its analytical capabilities to all of your organization's custom entities. Get more than just a snapshot of your CRM data! Trend Miner gives users the power to perform trend series analytics on all Microsoft Dynamics CRM data.

Your picture is worth a thousand words

  • See current and historical data
  • Complete trend analysis
  • Personalize Trend Miner with custom entities from CRM
  • Visualize CRM data from Opportunities, Leads, Activities, Cases and more
  • Make better decisions – faster

Quickly view data trends for:

  • Leads
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Support Cases
  • Customers & Partners

Visualizing your data is as easy as 1–2–3!


Trend Miner extracts data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Tableau then extracts the data from Trend Miner Data Warehouse. Using Trend Miner’s Configuration Wizard, you decide which data fields are extracted and the frequency in which the data is refreshed. *OLAP Cubes are also available, contact us for details.

The possibilities are endless! Use Trend Miner to:

  • Check the value of opportunities over time
  • See if your sales force is updating opportunities on an ongoing basis (or just before the sales meeting)
  • Identify coaching opportunities for your sales team:
    • Estimating probabilities for opportunities
    • Closing opportunities
  • Estimating probabilities for opportunities
  • Analyze the success of marketing campaigns and the quality of leads over time


With Trend Miner, it is easy to see the changing value of your organization's opportunities.


Pre-Built Reports & Dashboards

Valuable information at your fingertips, right out of the box, no programming required! Of course, you have the option to customize or build the Trend Miner reports that you need for your organization. Trend Miner reports and dashboards are designed to support the business objectives of all CRM users.


  • Opportunity Pipeline Trend
  • Opportunity Probability Trend
  • Opportunity Status Reason Trend
  • Opportunity Accuracy by Owner
  • Opportunity by Product Type Trend
  • Opportunity Count Trend
  • Opportunity Average Days Open Trend
  • Opportunity Count Trend
  • Quote Status Trend

Additional slicing available: by Manager, Business Unit, Territory, Site, Account, Products


  • Lead Conversion Ratio Trend
  • Lead Conversion Ratio by Owner Trend
  • Campaign ROI Trend
  • Lead Score Trend
  • Lead Status Reason Trend
  • And more


  • Case Severity Trend
  • Case Status Ageing
  • Open Activities Priority Trend
  • Open Activities Type Trend
  • Case Resolution by Owner Trend
  • Case Resolution Time Trend
  • Case Priority Trend
  • Case Satisfaction Trend
  • Case Load by Owner Trend
  • Case Status by Subject Trend

Additional slicing available: by Status Reason, Priority, Case Origin, Case Type, Owner, Product, Subject, Account

Easy to use

Trend Miner comes standard with easy to use out of the box reports and dashboards to help you gain clarity into your CRM data. Best of all, using Trend Miner’s Configuration Wizard, all of your CRM custom entities and fields can be mapped and displayed in Trend Miner Reports. Need to dig deeper? If required, you can use Tableau to quickly and easily build intuitive custom reports.



Trend Miner will allow you to visualize your current and historical Microsoft Dynamics CRM data and to discover data trends like never before.


Contact us to find out how you can gain insight into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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