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Solutions for Dynamics GP


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CRG Changer: Change and Consolidate IDs, Codes and Data

CRG Changer™ allows you to change, merge and combine your codes and data, ensuring your business management system operates at optimum efficiency. Changer efficiently enables the modification and consolidation of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

CRG Changer certified for Dynamics GP.jpg
Changer from Corporate Renaissance Group is certified for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Changer easily changes and merges general ledger accounts, vendor IDs, item numbers and customer numbers. Payroll Employee IDs as well as project numbers and contract numbers in the Project Accounting module can be changed to new codes using Changer. All the changes made by Changer affect all current and historical transactions. All data is modified, leaving no visible trace of the original code. Drill downs, balances and reports will treat the modified information as if it had been posted to the new accounts or codes from the beginning.


Dynamic Functionality

The following different modules of Changer allow for easy and straightforward changes to Microsoft Dynamics GP data:

  • Changer GL – Change or merge General Ledger Account numbers
  • Changer RM – Change or merge Customer Numbers to an existing or new customer ID
  • Changer PM – Change or merge Vendor identification numbers to an existing or new Vendor ID
  • Changer IV – Change or merge Item Numbers
  • Changer PR – Change Payroll Employee IDs to new codes
  • Changer PA – Change Project Numbers and Contract Numbers in the Project Accounting module to new codes

Changer vs. Microsoft Professional Services Library Tools

Yes, it is true that Microsoft Professional Services Library Tools (PSTL) is free; however, just because it is free doesn’t mean that it is better. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider Changer over PSTL.

  • Changer supports and updates many 3rd party tables, including the proper handling of duplicate records
  • Changer offers more flexibility in processing changes
  • Changer is faster and more efficient than PSTL.

Click here for a complete list of why you should consider Changer over Microsoft PSTL.

Additional Modules and Third Party Integration

CRG understands many customers have implemented third party solutions to maximize the return on their Microsoft Dynamics investment. In addition to all the Microsoft Dynamics GP modules, Changer will update data from the following third party applications:

  • MICR from Mekorma
  • HRMSS from Integrity Data
  • Job Cost from WennSoft
  • Service Management from WennSoft
  • Diamond Software (GL Changer Only)
  • Horizons Manufacturing Suite
  • Extender from eOne Integrated Business Solutions
  • Project Cost (Olympic Systems) (GL Changer only)
  • Multi-Entity Management from Binary Stream

“We needed to adjust segments in GP from 4 digits to 3 and CRG Changer handled it with no issues what so ever. I love this tool!”
Beth Dazzo - Independent Dynamics GP Consultant

“We were worried about how long it would take to adjust 45,000 GL accounts down to 25,000. In our testing with other software, it appeared it would take over 1,500 hours. CRG Changer had everything done in just one hour!”

Gregg Gillaspy, CPA, CFP - Director of Financial Planning & Analysis - Compass Health      

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