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Solutions for Dynamics GP


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CRG QuickCubes: Transforming Data into Insight

There is an easy way for you to transform the operational data that is contained in Microsoft Dynamics GP into valuable decision-making information…CRG QuickCubes®.

What is QuickCubes?

QuickCubes is a set of Analysis Services cubes on Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales, Financial, Payables and Inventory data.

Why QuickCubes?

QuickCubes provides easy-to-use, pre-built analysis services cubes that deliver analysis-ready data. You will be able to easily access data from the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Sales.

Once the data is in QuickCubes, you will be able to explore, examine and analyze the data with Microsoft Office Excel or any other analysis tool of your choice such as ProClarity.

Turn Data into Information

QuickCubes can help you, regardless of what version of Microsoft Dynamics GP you are using, to take advantage of the benefits of cubes. Once the data is loaded into QuickCubes, you can start analyzing the data immediately. In addition to extracting data from Microsoft Dynamics GP, information from other sources can be loaded into the data warehouse. The data used in QuickCubes is refreshed on a regular basis.

You can learn more about QuickCubes, download the brochure.

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