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CRG Re-Formatter: Re-format your GP Account Framework


Developed to meet the needs of Dynamics GP users, CRG Re-Formatter™ is the only tool currently available to help companies quickly & easily modify the account framework of Microsoft Dynamics GP™. Re-Formatter seamlessly reformats the Account Framework instantaneously altering the format of all data.

  • Have you outgrown your current GP chart of accounts?
  • Has organizational restructuring rendered it obsolete?
  • Are you trying to import data from another GP install with a different framework?

Re-Formatter allows you to reclaim control of your account framework and easily modify:

  • Maximum account length
  • Segment size
  • Number of segments
  • Sorting options

CRG Re-Formatter:

  • Maintains the integrity of financial systems during periods of restructuring & growth
  • Modifies the account structure to enhance reporting requirements and improve data output

Re-Formatter is the ONLY solution available to modify the account framework in GP after the initial installation.

As you know, your account framework in Dynamics GP is created upon initial install and cannot be altered after set-up.

CRG Re-Formatter offers the freedom to modify your account framework anytime as the needs of your organization’s financial system changes.


Fast and Effective:

With a few simple steps, Microsoft Dynamics GP users can transform their “old” data format into a “new” and improved account framework. View the brochure.

Step 1 - Determine the new account framework

Step 2 - Process the changes and enjoy your new account framework


Get Started with CRG Reformatter

Contact us at or 1.800.576.6215.

Download Reformatter


"CRG Re-Formatter took 30 minutes to accomplish what used to take me 20 hours!"                  Steven Simon - President, PDG Consultants

Questions? Contact Us! 1.800.576.6215

Take Re-Formatter Even Further

Alter account framework

Merge and/or change GL accounts, vendor or customer ID's, item numbers, or employee ID's

You can take the benefits of CRG Re-Formatter even further by using it alongside CRG Changer. Many clients use Re-Formatter to expand their account frameworks and then use CRG Changer to merge and/or change GL accounts, vendor and customer ID's, item numbers, and employee ID's – ensuring their financial systems are up to date and formatter to suit their growing needs.

Contact us to learn more! 1.800.576.6215